Monday, November 28, 2016

Learn how to for real

I had a dream...

As I typed that, I had a little Martin Luther King Jr. moment in my head.

Okay I am back now.

I had a dream to write a book on personal finance. I am an entrepreneur and my income those typical budgeting formats and programs didn't work for me the way I wanted them to.

So I did what any good financial nerd would do...I created my own program out of what worked for me for the last few years and then I got this bright light bulb moment of an idea that I needed to share it with the world.

...And then realized that my plan wasn't just good for fluctuating income, but for those folks who received a regular paycheck as well! How cool is that?!?!?

Well, the thought of the paper book lasted for about a month until I realized...a few chapters in...that no one really reads paper books. (Well I do, because it is dangerous to hold the kindle above the bathtub)

So then I thought...what about a kindle version. And then realized that filling out the budget sheet on the kindle may be a bit hard.

I stewed on this for awhile and decided that an online academy would be the best of everything!

So KMP: Life Academy was born. And it's first child...a beautiful 8 pound 7 ounce Budgeting course. Okay, not 8 pounds 7 ounces...but it made you laugh right?

I welcome into the world

And since you asked so nicely I am going to give you a coupon code to help with the cost, because well...the goal is to save money in life. 

Use code SAVE50 to save 50% off the course. This will only be available to a select few, so use the code while it is available.

As always, I love to hear from you. Email me anytime at

Make today fabulous!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Camping...I mean REAL camping (tips)

When Eric and I got married we had these grand ideas of exploring the Great Outdoors together. Backpacking, camping, hiking, Grand Canyon...and so on.

But then life got in the way and he took a job out of state that lasted almost an entire year (was supposed to be 5 weeks). 

Kinda put the adventure on the back burner.

Now he is home. Yippee!! I love that I actually WANT to be near him and spend time with him. #HappyMarriage (Yup, I just used a can't hate me...I am so adorable)

We are living this normal married couple wedded bliss life that also includes being on the path to being debt free...meaning...very little disposable income to go towards all the fun gear and adventure trips...cuz if ya didn't know...THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.

Living in Arizona doesn't really afford us much of an opportunity to camp in the pines. We can drive a few hours north but when Summer really hits and nowhere is safe from the claws of severe heat. (Think melting face)

Having a weekend off together (finally) we decided to Carpe Diem which is spanish for "pack the car full of camping stuff and drive into the woods"....learned somthin didja?

 In an effort to pair down what we were bringing I prepped the food ahead of time. Didn't feel like doing dishes and plus there was not a water source. I would rather drink the water than waste it washing egg off a I wanted to be lazy, but shhh don't tell the hubby.

Here are some of the food items I premade. Pretty self explanatory since I have the cooking skills of a 6 year old...

- Instead of smores - I made foil pouches with cinnimon toast crunch, tiny marshmallows and milk chocolate chips - you can still stab this with a stick and roast over fire....just don't stab it in the middle of the packet or marshmallows escape

- Tortillas with olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic, feta, mozzarella and sliced tomatoes in a foil wrapper - cook over the grill or fire

- Scrambled eggs with veggies, precooked sausage, hashbrowns and cheese in plastic freezer bags - boil water and place bags in for a few minutes to cook. Each person gets their own omelet

- Cut up all the turkey burger fixins before leaving the house so you don't have to bring a cutting board. Put in tupperware to keep from getting water logged in the cooler

- ADULT BEVERAGE ALERT: Put cut up strawberries, grapes and oranges in a carafe or 24 oz container...fill a third with vodka and the rest with sweet sweet white wine. Chill at least over night. Longer you wait the better it is

- Look for three trees that form a triangle. Wrap a tarp around them to over privacy for those in the woods squatting moments. Predig your hole and even better if the tree has a branch you can hang toilet paper from...what?!?! We all poop.

- Don't forget the hand sanitizer

- Put a tarp under your tent in the colder months to guard your sleeping quarters from the cold ground...also helps when it is raining and the ground is flooding...ah who am I kiddin...put on your floaties and play out in the rain

Above all...remember that camping is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with God, your loved ones and nature. Use that time wisely and always take time for the important things in margaritas.

Comment a camping tip...sharing is caring!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Magical Homemade Hair Mask Recipe

If you have had the opportunity to bounce around my blog you have noticed that I am a Health Coach.

But...I am also a kick-ass hair stylist that owns her own Salon biz. Rock on entrepreneurial women!

Not only do we want to be healthy, but we want to look good doing it...right?!?!

I've been doing hair since I was give me a sec and let me do the math...(taking my shoes off now so I can use my toes) (kidding) (kinda)...That means I have been doing hair for 17 years. Holy cow, time goes by fast!

With all that being said I love what I do and the relationships that I have formed. My clients become family. They were there for me through my divorce, my health scares and so much more. And then I was there for them through their life changes. It's a wonderful circle of love.

Well, now that I have shared all the gooshy stuff...the reason for this's all about the hair.

At least once a day I share this recipe with my client's who have dry, damaged, over processed or newly highlighted hair...

This recipe has only 3 ingredients and most people can find all of them in their kitchen.

I will say that it is kinda gross but so worth it. So if you have that significant other that says they truly love you, then tell them they have to put this on your hair. :)

Keli's Magical Homemade Hair Mask
Recipe is for Medium length hair regular density 
add more or less for your length and thickness

1/2 cup mayo (not flavored please!)
2 egg whites (real not the prepackaged ones)
1 tbs olive oil
Plastic shower cap (Dollar store is good for these)

Place mayo in a microwavable safe bowl. Nuke for 10 second increments until warm, not hot.

Remove mayo from microwave and add egg whites. If mayo is to hot it will cook the eggs and we don't want that. Eww scrambled eggs on your head.

Add 1 tbs olive oil and stire all together until mixed.

Slather all over your hair if dry from root to ends.
Slather on dry places if scalp is not dry, or is oily.

Place shower cap on hair and sit for 15 minutes.

Even better if you can sit in a warm place like the sun. But not in 100 degree weather.

Wash hair like normal. Use shampoo and then conditioner.

Do not do this on a day you have something special. Hair may sit a bit differently because it has been nourished.

Do this once every two weeks depending on how damaged your hair is.


In the Surprise area? Stop by the salon and say hi and make sure to like the Salon Facebook Page.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Best Cake Recipe EVER!

We have decided to celebrate the hubbie's birthday early and tonight are going to be having some fun.

Of course we are going to splurge on a few yummy items, but the birthday cake doesn't have to be a total bomb.

So here is how we do birthday cakes in our house.

If I don't have time to make something from scratch, then I will buy a box mix and a can of pumpkin puree. Mix together. That is it. THOSE ARE THE ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS.

Bake at 350 - starting for 20 minutes and then test to see if toothpick comes out clean. 

It is super dense and moist like almost a fudge brownie had a baby with a cake.

So forget the oil, the eggs, the water, the applesauce replacement...just grab a can of pumpkin puree.

P.S. Even I can make this without messing it up and we all know that is like doing magic.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Soft Pretzels, Yoga, Running and Calypso Drums

I love soft pretzels. Ok, I said it. My inner foody has spoken.

Unfortunately pretzels don't like my tubby regions. They like to make those regions grow larger.

So, I opt for a different kind of pretzel....the yoga kind. Clever how I segwayed into that?

One of the first programs that I did was this high impact, hard on the body, kick my tooshy kind that ended up making my knees so sore I had to get injections in them. I swear it was a 12 foot needle going into my knee. Ok, maybe only 3.

And then I was diagnosed with Compartment syndrome in my legs. (muscles tighten in the calves and don't release. Can cause deadly circulation issues)

I gave up running. A part of my heart was torn from me at this realization.

It's been almost a year and I AM GOING TO RUN AGAIN

I see those people running down the sidewalks in my neighborhood and I admire them, even though I want to throw stuff at's pure jealousy. 

Instead of running, I started doing a Yoga/Pilates program at home. It was so much nicer to my joints and I just had a better overall feeling. My muscles weren't as tight and I was able to get a really good workout done without killing my body.

Dah Dah Dah! Cue the confetti and trumpets...or better yet colypso drums...I like them better.

I have decided to put together a small online accountability group of fellow runners or walkers<--that's where I am starting at.

Why did I mention PiYo (i.e. pretzels) earlier? Because I know that having my body limber and stretched will give me more of a chance to be successful in not getting injured.

Back to this group I was talkin bout... 

Starting on April 10th I will be hosting a 4 week 5k training that will use my super easy run/walk plan...It uses the PiYo program for the inbetween days. The same program I did when I ran my last half marathon.

Don't make me do this alone. I would love to have you join me. 

Shoot me a message via email or use the contact section on my blog.

Hope you can join us. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm A Disaster In The Kitchen...And Magical Unicorns

I get asked this question (or ones like this) quite a bit and I thought I would post an answer just in case you were wondering....

"Am I really that clumsy in the kitchen. How do I manage to burn water."

I wish I could say that it wasn't true, but I find that my primal need to continually eat some kind of food each day is the only reason I continue to try and get better in the kitchen. 

My clients tell me that with practice I will get better. I really, truly, don't believe them. It's like telling someone there is a magical unicorn that sneezes sprinkles. As much as you would like there to be one, it will never happen.

I told the hubby back when we started to date and marriage was a serious contender in the future plans....I will not be any more domesticated than I am now. If I for some odd reason become more skilled then count it as a blessing. Because it's probably not going to happen. Talk about banishing expectations.

The good news is that I can make really good healthy waffles. The bad news is that we eat healthy waffles a lot...A LOT. And now Tortilla soup has been banned from the house, because, well, I got good at something and that was all we would eat. 

So the question has been answered. 

Please send prepared food to the address below....

Just kiddin...well...maybe

Sunday, January 10, 2016

That Stupid New Years Resolution Time - Money Edition

Arg! It is the New Year! Just in case you are not already tired of hearing it...

Now that we have that out of the way. I haven't decided if I like to call the goals I make "resolutions". I tend to like to be different then the main stream person, but on the the other hand "resolution" has quite the ring to it.

Well whatever I decide to call it, I have made some goal resolutions...or GR for short...for this year.

The hubsters and I sat down a few days ago and chatted about our financial GR for this next year.

I attended a Rock Solid Finances class at our Church last year and it TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I am the analytical excel spreadsheet kinda gal, but I was always stressing out if this was the right thing to do. Both of our incomes are not steady and we can't count on a certain number of dolla bills comin into the bank account each week. Some weeks are like we get to hum "we're in the money, we're in the money lalalala" and then other weeks we are on a Ramen Noodle diet...well not really, but ya get the point.

So after I gave up the stress to God and made a budget last year, I was ready to tackle this year with a new zeal for finances.

We loosly follow the rules of the Dave Ramsey plan but have had to adapt it as we swim through this new financial life we are living. I run 2 businesses (Salon and Healthy Coaching) and Eric a.k.a. Hubsters...started a new career that will require on the job training via contract work for the next 3 years. We stay busy. :)

As we were driving around the other day I sat with the notebook and we dreamt outloud about what we wanted to financially accomplish this year and I put a dollar amount to each task.

Some of those things we wanted to do:

  • Swing dance lessons for both of us
  • Parkour lessons for Eric
  • Pay off the car
  • Have 3.5% saved for the down payment on a house
  • Go on a cruise
  • Have enough set aside so Eric wouldn't have to look for temp work between contracts
  • Buy another gun and a crossbow
  • Contribute more to the retirement
  • Setting up a home gym
There were more, but after we put a dollar amount to each item, we realized that some things had to go. I can't stomach the idea of spending $25,000 extra bucks...eeek.

So what made the cut?
  • Paying off the car
  • Saving for down on a house
  • Contributing more to the retirement
  • Setting up a home gym
Sadly, swing dancing will have to wait. Until then, I will continue to step on Eric's toes. I'm sure he won't mind.

So I have shared with you our financial GR for the next year. They say if you tell more people about your dreams, then they are more likely to come true. 

Did you make any financial resolutions for this year?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I've Got Pellets In My Butt....Well Kinda

Not really in my butt per se...more like in my lower hip regional area space.

I've spoke about my battle with post hysterectomy changes in my body and how much they really do suck.

I am 31. I had a partial hysterectomy (kept the ovaries) last year. There are tons of pros and cons to everything...and if I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely do it. In a heartbeat. Where do I sign up?

The fact that I can go backpacking and not worry about bears is alone enough of a reason to do it. Well not really the only reason, but you catch my drift.

However, the cons are pretty annoying. Hot flashes, 20 pounds in weight gain (but magically my body hasn't changed much in size - just shape...we will call round a shape. haha), sleep issues, inability to focus, feeling like I am looking through a haze, and no pep in my step. The pep that I did exude, was quickly burned out and then it was nap time.

I also developed severe inflammation of my joints in the form of Compartment Syndrome (calf muscles do not have the space to expand when there is excess blood flow, therefore they tighten up for weeks at a time without releasing the tension), my knees needed gel shots all of a sudden, and then the tendinitis in my right hand was now full blown from my neck down to my fingers.

No amount of stretching, yoga, massage or pain reliever could make it go away. I blame it on the hormone change, because prior to that, I was A-O-K. I went from running half marathons to not being able to go half a mile.

After trying many different remedies to rid myself of these pesky side effects of my Hysterectomy, a wonderful client of mine suggested trying the Bio-identical pellets. She was on them and a bunch of her coworkers were as well, and she said they were just buzzing around the office with tons of energy.

Well I want that! Who doesn't?!?!?!

So I did what any good woman would do...I sent my mom to be the first test subject. Figured, if she was still alive and kicking, then I was good to go. Thanks mom. Love ya. Oh, ok...she just got an appointment before I did.

I made my appointment this past week with this magic doctor (that BTW does not accept insurance) and for a blood test, consultation and about $200 I was implanted with 1 estrogen and 1 testosterone pellet in my hip.

I was told that I would have a elevated sense of well being, more energy and just most everything in my life would be better. Really, after all the other Doctor appointments I had that they told me "YOU ARE TO YOUNG" to be having these symptoms, your blood work is fine, your weight gain means you need to go on a severely caloric-ally restricted diet, it's in your head......this doc actually listened to me. Disclaimer: I AM HER YOUNGEST PATIENT.

I will be logging my journey through the pellets. They are supposed to last approx 90 days, but it all depends how your body uses the hormones.

So stay tuned for my review on getting pellets in my butt...I just like saying that. Hehehehe it got your attention. I will be blogging every few days about my daily journey.

Make sure to subscribe to my blog that way you get the most up to date posts about my shenanigans.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Messy Grace and My Perfectionism

This past Sunday, our church wrapped up its series on Messy Grace.

After service each Sunday, the hubby and I chat about what we take away from the message.

My continual enlightenment week after week, was how I have the habit of perfection.

I have the ability to accept others' imperfections, but have trouble accepting my own. It is not that I am down on myself or negative, but I have a very high standard of quality control for myself.

I tend to not allow failure in my life. I plan and research everything before ever making a leap into the unknown. I am a calculated spontaneous are like what?!? But that is exactly me....calculated...spontaneous.

When that ah ha moment hit me, I thought....what am I missing out on in life by being so controlling of my own endeavors?

Don't get me wrong...I love adventure and living life fully...but I plan it out first.

So, my goal over the next few weeks is to give myself some leeway to make mistakes. I refuse to over analyse something before doing I analyzing this as I type it? Maybe....hey it takes time.

Who knows what wonderful experience God has in store for me, unless I just take the chance.

When I met my husband I didn't analyze our relationship. It just worked...easily. God knew what he was doing when he put us together, because it was like the easiest thing I ever did.

When planning our wedding, it started to get stressful. But, once I just let it go and said it will be what it will be, everything worked out perfectly.

I need to remember that more often.

I lift my glass to adding some messiness into my life. It tends to always work out the way it should.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cruises Of The Past And Tips For The Future

The husband and I get out of kickboxing class and celebrate our sweaty success by doing what every other health conscious person does.....go get frozen yogurt....HEY, sometimes you just GOTTA.

As we sit out under the stars enjoying our cold bowls of sugar, we start talking about our upcoming cruise for our one year anniversary. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by.

We start talking about how life sucks so much (insert total sarcasm) because we get to be on a cruise boat in a week. Oh, poor us. (I'm done rubbing it in). And then our conversation reminds me about how we make the most of our cruise experience...being as frugal as we are...and I figured you might like to know some of our tips.

Alcoholic beverages on a cruise ship are redonkulously priced! Plus add the 15% gratuity and all you have is a brightly colored slushy that you don't even get to keep the glass...well some of them but I digress.

Carnival cruise lines allows you to each bring 1 bottle of regular sized wine in your carry on and a 12 pack of soda or water per person. DON'T DO WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR - DO NOT TRY TO CARRY ALL OF THAT IN A BACKPACK. Unless you are the Hulk.

Take a NEW white bottle of prewash mouthwash (the big one) - when taking the cap off, twist so the plastic seal does not break and empty it at home. Rinse and repeat. Put your dark liquor in this bottle. Replace with cap that still has the seal on it.  Place bottle full of liquor in a gallon ziplock with a tube of toothpaste, floss and a tooth brush and have one person check this.

Take a regular mouthwash bottle (big one) and open in the same way. We empty the contents into a Gatorade bottle so we don't waste the money. Rinse this bottle quite a few times until the mint is gone. Fill bottle with your clear liquor and use food coloring to color the same color as the mouthwash was. Again, replace the cap with the seal in tact. Repeat with the ziplock, toothpaste, floss and tooth brush. Put this in the other persons bag.

Carnival has free cranberry juice and lemonade. Plus you have the soda that you brought on the boat. There are your mixers...and there is plenty of ice in the ice machines.

We always bring quite a few reusable water bottles with good lids. One for water and one for mixed drinks...per person. Make sure the mouth is wide enough to put under the ice maker otherwise you will have to struggle each time.

Here is a funny to leave you with....
We are driving home from our cheating of fro yo and we are talking about how it is so great to drink wine and watch the movies on the boat under the stars on the big screen by the pool.

The husband looks over at me, all serious, and says "Wish we would of had the big double bottles, the regular ones don't do anything." **I smack my forehead. :)

Stay tuned for more ways to save money while on vacation....

P.S. We are not alcoholics...we just want to be covered in case of an emergency :) Drink responsibly. Don't drive the boat....and your pants go on your butt, not your head.