Friday, June 10, 2016

Camping...I mean REAL camping (tips)

When Eric and I got married we had these grand ideas of exploring the Great Outdoors together. Backpacking, camping, hiking, Grand Canyon...and so on.

But then life got in the way and he took a job out of state that lasted almost an entire year (was supposed to be 5 weeks). 

Kinda put the adventure on the back burner.

Now he is home. Yippee!! I love that I actually WANT to be near him and spend time with him. #HappyMarriage (Yup, I just used a can't hate me...I am so adorable)

We are living this normal married couple wedded bliss life that also includes being on the path to being debt free...meaning...very little disposable income to go towards all the fun gear and adventure trips...cuz if ya didn't know...THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.

Living in Arizona doesn't really afford us much of an opportunity to camp in the pines. We can drive a few hours north but when Summer really hits and nowhere is safe from the claws of severe heat. (Think melting face)

Having a weekend off together (finally) we decided to Carpe Diem which is spanish for "pack the car full of camping stuff and drive into the woods"....learned somthin didja?

 In an effort to pair down what we were bringing I prepped the food ahead of time. Didn't feel like doing dishes and plus there was not a water source. I would rather drink the water than waste it washing egg off a I wanted to be lazy, but shhh don't tell the hubby.

Here are some of the food items I premade. Pretty self explanatory since I have the cooking skills of a 6 year old...

- Instead of smores - I made foil pouches with cinnimon toast crunch, tiny marshmallows and milk chocolate chips - you can still stab this with a stick and roast over fire....just don't stab it in the middle of the packet or marshmallows escape

- Tortillas with olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic, feta, mozzarella and sliced tomatoes in a foil wrapper - cook over the grill or fire

- Scrambled eggs with veggies, precooked sausage, hashbrowns and cheese in plastic freezer bags - boil water and place bags in for a few minutes to cook. Each person gets their own omelet

- Cut up all the turkey burger fixins before leaving the house so you don't have to bring a cutting board. Put in tupperware to keep from getting water logged in the cooler

- ADULT BEVERAGE ALERT: Put cut up strawberries, grapes and oranges in a carafe or 24 oz container...fill a third with vodka and the rest with sweet sweet white wine. Chill at least over night. Longer you wait the better it is

- Look for three trees that form a triangle. Wrap a tarp around them to over privacy for those in the woods squatting moments. Predig your hole and even better if the tree has a branch you can hang toilet paper from...what?!?! We all poop.

- Don't forget the hand sanitizer

- Put a tarp under your tent in the colder months to guard your sleeping quarters from the cold ground...also helps when it is raining and the ground is flooding...ah who am I kiddin...put on your floaties and play out in the rain

Above all...remember that camping is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with God, your loved ones and nature. Use that time wisely and always take time for the important things in margaritas.

Comment a camping tip...sharing is caring!

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