Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 1: Military Diet (What Was I Thinkin?)

I have been hearing about this Military Diet. Generally I am not one for fad diets or magic pills, BUT I needed to know what people were talking about and if I could lose a few pounds in that time, then score!

What is the Military Diet?
It is 3 days of eating EXACTLY what it says and when. As the days go the calories lesson. Still trying to figure out how I get to eat ice cream at night?? But I am not arguing. I dreamt about the ice cream as the day went on. I was hungry!

Yup, I made sure that two of the three days I was off work. Standing behind the chair doing hair and using chemicals is pretty hard when you are on a calorie depletion. The third day (has the least calories) I am not working...or doing anything that requires the importance of brain cells.

Day 1 and I already can feel my brain eating itself. Swimmin in the head.

So here is the menu that I am following. There is a substitutions list that I had to use because of food allergies and the gross thoughts that I would have to eat TUNA! Blah.

So day 1 my plates looked like this 
Lunch subs: Tuna for chicken lunch meat
Dinner subs: Grapes instead of apple and banana, chicken instead of steak
And I drank tea instead of coffee

What they felt like until dinner came...

I contemplated going to sleep so I could get through the day without thinking about food.

It was very surprising because I don't generally eat enough calories through the day normally. (I know, I know...I am working on that)

But I was and am starving as I write this. I have to set a timer on my phone because I know until that timer goes off, I cannot eat.

Don't forget to drink a ton of water. 

3 more hours until I can eat again. Is it to early to take a nap? (It's 10am)

Well that is all for now... I am going to go sit in the corner and waste away.

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