Financial Coaching

This course is designed to help you get out of debt, organize your daily budgeting and still have resources left over to experience the joys life has to offer. 

You will receive the lecture, a printable .pdf workbook to follow as we go through the course together step by step, a written and/or excel budget resource, a bill payment tracker, and a grocery shopping organizer.
We will cover everything from changing your mindset about money, to why cash is important and everything else in between, while using a common sense approach. 
Not only will you come out of this course with a fully customized, complete budget, but you will also have the knowledge on how to save money in key areas of your life. Areas like...buying a car, shopping smart for groceries, cleaning out your closet, health costs and much more.
This is a simple to follow course written by a real life, normal, every day finance nerd and Life Coach who has used this exact process to organize her personal finances in a way that has allowed debt repayment and a comfortable life.
Are you ready to be the master of your own financial situation?

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