Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Official...Stuck In The Rental

Gah! I hate the idea of renting. Especially when said rental doesn't have a pool.

But, I guess I will have to count our blessings...we have an affordable, safe, kinda cute, small kitchen, tiny bathroom, weird bathtubs, buggy roof over our head.

What?! Sorry, got a bit negative back there.

Really, the house isn't all that bad. I thought we would only be here for one year, two tops. But with the way the housing market has shifted...houses just sky rocketed...again.

So...we weighed our options and made the best choice for our current situation...stay where we are at.

I had mentioned to the landlord (who is awesome BTW) that we wanted to possibly extend our lease. He had told us when we signed the original lease that he didn't want us to stay here forever because he was planning on liquidating his properties. That worked for us. I wasn't going to be staying here. Like how I keep saying "I"? It's like the hubby has a choice or something.

So anyways, we get the call that he is going to be raising our rent because his costs went up. A nail biting two months goes by and after I exhausted the market search for a new possible rental and realized we would be in a way worse house for way more money...he says...I'm sorry, but I need to raise your rent $20 a month. Ummmm, HECK YAZ! Signed for two more years.

 Now I can use the money saved to go by wrinkle cream and meditation music to heal the damage the stress has done to my face. Not really. Its all good.

So this next year is going to be about "Operation: Make the rental feel like a home" so that way at least one of the 4 years we are living here, I can try to enjoy it. Okay, the hubby can come toooooo.

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Make today fabulous!

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