Monday, November 28, 2016

Learn how to for real

I had a dream...

As I typed that, I had a little Martin Luther King Jr. moment in my head.

Okay I am back now.

I had a dream to write a book on personal finance. I am an entrepreneur and my income those typical budgeting formats and programs didn't work for me the way I wanted them to.

So I did what any good financial nerd would do...I created my own program out of what worked for me for the last few years and then I got this bright light bulb moment of an idea that I needed to share it with the world.

...And then realized that my plan wasn't just good for fluctuating income, but for those folks who received a regular paycheck as well! How cool is that?!?!?

Well, the thought of the paper book lasted for about a month until I realized...a few chapters in...that no one really reads paper books. (Well I do, because it is dangerous to hold the kindle above the bathtub)

So then I thought...what about a kindle version. And then realized that filling out the budget sheet on the kindle may be a bit hard.

I stewed on this for awhile and decided that an online academy would be the best of everything!

So KMP: Life Academy was born. And it's first child...a beautiful 8 pound 7 ounce Budgeting course. Okay, not 8 pounds 7 ounces...but it made you laugh right?

I welcome into the world

And since you asked so nicely I am going to give you a coupon code to help with the cost, because well...the goal is to save money in life. 

Use code SAVE50 to save 50% off the course. This will only be available to a select few, so use the code while it is available.

As always, I love to hear from you. Email me anytime at

Make today fabulous!

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