Sunday, January 10, 2016

That Stupid New Years Resolution Time - Money Edition

Arg! It is the New Year! Just in case you are not already tired of hearing it...

Now that we have that out of the way. I haven't decided if I like to call the goals I make "resolutions". I tend to like to be different then the main stream person, but on the the other hand "resolution" has quite the ring to it.

Well whatever I decide to call it, I have made some goal resolutions...or GR for short...for this year.

The hubsters and I sat down a few days ago and chatted about our financial GR for this next year.

I attended a Rock Solid Finances class at our Church last year and it TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I am the analytical excel spreadsheet kinda gal, but I was always stressing out if this was the right thing to do. Both of our incomes are not steady and we can't count on a certain number of dolla bills comin into the bank account each week. Some weeks are like we get to hum "we're in the money, we're in the money lalalala" and then other weeks we are on a Ramen Noodle diet...well not really, but ya get the point.

So after I gave up the stress to God and made a budget last year, I was ready to tackle this year with a new zeal for finances.

We loosly follow the rules of the Dave Ramsey plan but have had to adapt it as we swim through this new financial life we are living. I run 2 businesses (Salon and Healthy Coaching) and Eric a.k.a. Hubsters...started a new career that will require on the job training via contract work for the next 3 years. We stay busy. :)

As we were driving around the other day I sat with the notebook and we dreamt outloud about what we wanted to financially accomplish this year and I put a dollar amount to each task.

Some of those things we wanted to do:

  • Swing dance lessons for both of us
  • Parkour lessons for Eric
  • Pay off the car
  • Have 3.5% saved for the down payment on a house
  • Go on a cruise
  • Have enough set aside so Eric wouldn't have to look for temp work between contracts
  • Buy another gun and a crossbow
  • Contribute more to the retirement
  • Setting up a home gym
There were more, but after we put a dollar amount to each item, we realized that some things had to go. I can't stomach the idea of spending $25,000 extra bucks...eeek.

So what made the cut?
  • Paying off the car
  • Saving for down on a house
  • Contributing more to the retirement
  • Setting up a home gym
Sadly, swing dancing will have to wait. Until then, I will continue to step on Eric's toes. I'm sure he won't mind.

So I have shared with you our financial GR for the next year. They say if you tell more people about your dreams, then they are more likely to come true. 

Did you make any financial resolutions for this year?

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