Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Weight Of Getting Older...And How It Sucks

This is a picture of my husband and I when we were dating only 2 short years ago. Look how happy we were. He surprised me with a trip to the Grand Canyon, we went backpacking in the White Tanks, we dressed up as zombies for Halloween, we went to Vegas a few times, I ran in a tutu that I managed to get him and my FIL to try on and we explored Flagstaff together.

We are still just as happy with our relationship and still go on adventures (i.e. rapelling down waterfalls in Mexico and cruising to Aruba), but have been pondering the...."How come things feel different with life. What has changed?" 

We have fun. We still enjoy being around each other every moment we possibly can. We totally are that sappy in love couple that people probably roll their eyes at...but we don't care and will probably make even louder kissy smoochy sounds just because we can.

Then WHY are we pondering the above mentioned questions?

Can you tell us?

We sat looking at the picture at the top of this post, that hangs in our office (my very first Christmas present from the hubsters), and were trying to figure out what was different with our lives.

What happened to that carefree, go on an adventure that wasn't fully planned out, surprise the other with some special gesture type of life?

And the only thing we could come up with was...
1 - We made less money then
2 - We did more with less month then
3 - He didn't have a beard
4 - I was blonde

Well aren't those the perfect answers to our HEAVY question? Because I'm not sure I want to go back to making less money. 

We are VERY frugal folks and follow the Dave Ramsey financial plan to a T. So I'm not sure how making less money would help us find our answer.

Maybe we appreciated the little things more back then? But I'm not sure how, because we aren't full of grand things now.

He won't shave his beard. I can barely get him to trim it. The person who invented NO SHAVE NOVEMBER should be shaved entirely bald of all their body hair including their eyebrows!

Now for the blonde hair for me...well I am workin on that. :)

So I ask you the question...


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