Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm A Disaster In The Kitchen...And Magical Unicorns

I get asked this question (or ones like this) quite a bit and I thought I would post an answer just in case you were wondering....

"Am I really that clumsy in the kitchen. How do I manage to burn water."

I wish I could say that it wasn't true, but I find that my primal need to continually eat some kind of food each day is the only reason I continue to try and get better in the kitchen. 

My clients tell me that with practice I will get better. I really, truly, don't believe them. It's like telling someone there is a magical unicorn that sneezes sprinkles. As much as you would like there to be one, it will never happen.

I told the hubby back when we started to date and marriage was a serious contender in the future plans....I will not be any more domesticated than I am now. If I for some odd reason become more skilled then count it as a blessing. Because it's probably not going to happen. Talk about banishing expectations.

The good news is that I can make really good healthy waffles. The bad news is that we eat healthy waffles a lot...A LOT. And now Tortilla soup has been banned from the house, because, well, I got good at something and that was all we would eat. 

So the question has been answered. 

Please send prepared food to the address below....

Just kiddin...well...maybe

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