Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Soft Pretzels, Yoga, Running and Calypso Drums

I love soft pretzels. Ok, I said it. My inner foody has spoken.

Unfortunately pretzels don't like my tubby regions. They like to make those regions grow larger.

So, I opt for a different kind of pretzel....the yoga kind. Clever how I segwayed into that?

One of the first programs that I did was this high impact, hard on the body, kick my tooshy kind that ended up making my knees so sore I had to get injections in them. I swear it was a 12 foot needle going into my knee. Ok, maybe only 3.

And then I was diagnosed with Compartment syndrome in my legs. (muscles tighten in the calves and don't release. Can cause deadly circulation issues)

I gave up running. A part of my heart was torn from me at this realization.

It's been almost a year and I AM GOING TO RUN AGAIN

I see those people running down the sidewalks in my neighborhood and I admire them, even though I want to throw stuff at's pure jealousy. 

Instead of running, I started doing a Yoga/Pilates program at home. It was so much nicer to my joints and I just had a better overall feeling. My muscles weren't as tight and I was able to get a really good workout done without killing my body.

Dah Dah Dah! Cue the confetti and trumpets...or better yet colypso drums...I like them better.

I have decided to put together a small online accountability group of fellow runners or walkers<--that's where I am starting at.

Why did I mention PiYo (i.e. pretzels) earlier? Because I know that having my body limber and stretched will give me more of a chance to be successful in not getting injured.

Back to this group I was talkin bout... 

Starting on April 10th I will be hosting a 4 week 5k training that will use my super easy run/walk plan...It uses the PiYo program for the inbetween days. The same program I did when I ran my last half marathon.

Don't make me do this alone. I would love to have you join me. 

Shoot me a message via email or use the contact section on my blog.

Hope you can join us. :)

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