Sunday, November 1, 2015

I've Got Pellets In My Butt....Well Kinda

Not really in my butt per se...more like in my lower hip regional area space.

I've spoke about my battle with post hysterectomy changes in my body and how much they really do suck.

I am 31. I had a partial hysterectomy (kept the ovaries) last year. There are tons of pros and cons to everything...and if I had to do it all over again, I would absolutely do it. In a heartbeat. Where do I sign up?

The fact that I can go backpacking and not worry about bears is alone enough of a reason to do it. Well not really the only reason, but you catch my drift.

However, the cons are pretty annoying. Hot flashes, 20 pounds in weight gain (but magically my body hasn't changed much in size - just shape...we will call round a shape. haha), sleep issues, inability to focus, feeling like I am looking through a haze, and no pep in my step. The pep that I did exude, was quickly burned out and then it was nap time.

I also developed severe inflammation of my joints in the form of Compartment Syndrome (calf muscles do not have the space to expand when there is excess blood flow, therefore they tighten up for weeks at a time without releasing the tension), my knees needed gel shots all of a sudden, and then the tendinitis in my right hand was now full blown from my neck down to my fingers.

No amount of stretching, yoga, massage or pain reliever could make it go away. I blame it on the hormone change, because prior to that, I was A-O-K. I went from running half marathons to not being able to go half a mile.

After trying many different remedies to rid myself of these pesky side effects of my Hysterectomy, a wonderful client of mine suggested trying the Bio-identical pellets. She was on them and a bunch of her coworkers were as well, and she said they were just buzzing around the office with tons of energy.

Well I want that! Who doesn't?!?!?!

So I did what any good woman would do...I sent my mom to be the first test subject. Figured, if she was still alive and kicking, then I was good to go. Thanks mom. Love ya. Oh, ok...she just got an appointment before I did.

I made my appointment this past week with this magic doctor (that BTW does not accept insurance) and for a blood test, consultation and about $200 I was implanted with 1 estrogen and 1 testosterone pellet in my hip.

I was told that I would have a elevated sense of well being, more energy and just most everything in my life would be better. Really, after all the other Doctor appointments I had that they told me "YOU ARE TO YOUNG" to be having these symptoms, your blood work is fine, your weight gain means you need to go on a severely caloric-ally restricted diet, it's in your head......this doc actually listened to me. Disclaimer: I AM HER YOUNGEST PATIENT.

I will be logging my journey through the pellets. They are supposed to last approx 90 days, but it all depends how your body uses the hormones.

So stay tuned for my review on getting pellets in my butt...I just like saying that. Hehehehe it got your attention. I will be blogging every few days about my daily journey.

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