Friday, November 6, 2015

Hormone Replacement Pellets - Week 1

Read here about my introduction to having pellets implanted in my butt. Well not really my butt, but in my hip regional area... It is much catchier the other way. :)

I am logging my review and experience on the entire process. I couldn't find much in the way of non-medical that is what I am here for.

If you have any questions, I am not a doctor, but I can tell you how it is going for me. You are always welcome to shoot me an email at

So lets get this show on the road.

Met with the awesome doc who actually listened. She was a bit confused on what was going on with me since my blood work came back alright. A bit low on the vitamin D, but everything else was in range.

After a consultation, it was decided that getting the pellets implanted couldn't hurt anything, so why not try it.

A small incision was made in my lower hip and two small hormonal (estrogen and testosterone) pellets were implanted and steri strips were placed over the site. Everything was numbed and I still have not felt any pain. However, my mother who got it done was bruised and in pain. So I guess it is different for everyone.

Cost about $200 as insurance does not cover it. Blood work was done at Theranos at my own cost. Surprisingly insurance covered that.

Pellets are to last around 90 days depending on how fast my body uses everything.

Told the husband, if he smacked my butt for the next few days I would kill him. :) In a loving beat him with a pillow kinda way.

Day 1 - October 31 - Halloween - Day of the sugar high and the sugar crashes

We had such a long day. Decided last minute to hold a garage sale on the same day as our Halloween party that we hadn't gone grocery shopping for and had only gotten a few hours of sleep from prepping for the sale the night before.

We are smarter than we look. Honest.

SLEEP: Slept very well for the minimal amount of time we had
MOOD: Peppy, felt like the haze in front of my eyes had been lifted
ENERGY: Actually had way more energy than the last year but not all jittery, was very natural
WEIGHT: Still round
NOTES: Super surprised with all the events of the day, I had enough energy to keep going without needing caffeine. Was a very late night.

Day 2 - November 1

Planned on relaxing today since yesterday was so busy. That didn't happen. Had church, then unexpected lunch date with family and decided to dream about houses by crashing some open houses...don't know you totally do it...sometimes they serve cookies.

SLEEP: I slept an entire 8 hours without having to take a sleeping aid. This is a HUGE deal!
MOOD: Aint nobody gonna stop me now, oh no, I gotta keep on movin. Still felt like the world was more clear.
ENERGY: I've been going all day. No nap. Not jittery, but a healthy dose of sleepy as I am writing this in the evening.
WEIGHT: Down 2 pounds.
NOTES: Ate like crap yesterday because someone who shall remain unnamed, decided to bring full size candy bars for the trick or treaters....we had like 6 show up.  So now there is a box of full size candy, plus our piddily little candy bars. Ate half crap today. Someone please come and take this candy away from me.

I totally need to have a kid so I can feed it to them...WAIT don't have a uterus.

p.s. Guess who smacked my butt today....I let him live. For now.

Day 3 - November 2

Still sleeping my full 8 hours without having to take and night night meds. Tons of natural feeling energy and more calm and laid back attitude.

Day 4 - November 3

Slept all the way through the night. Fell asleep right away. However after a longer day at work I need a nap that was supposed to be 30 minutes but turned into an hour and a half. Sleep is super deep and appreciated.  Was able to get through the day without feeling like in a haze.

Day 5 - November 4

Again sleep is amazing and plentiful. I wake up easily with the alarm and am out of bed within 10 minutes instead of the normal half hour of farting around on the phone trying to wake up. Thinking there is something to this getting sleep thing.

Day 6 - November 5

Slept well last night, but was out of tune since staying up to watch a movie until midnight. Worked out yesterday and thought I would have been more sore, but just a little sore today.

Note: Hubby mentioned that my breath and skin are permeating garlic. I haven't had an over abundance of garlic like normal. I can kinda tell a sulfur heat in my nose. Going to talk to hormone doc about it, because things have tasted different as well. Kinda embarrassing, but ah well, I brush the teeth and that's all I can do. So if you don't like garlic, you may want to stand a few feet from me. :) If you do like sniffs available.

Day 7 - November 6

Slept like crap. But still woke up more refreshed then normal. Doc says that the garlic smell has nothing to do with pellets. DARN! Also says that the immediate effects of the pellets could be a placebo. Bah, well whatever it is working...I will take it however I have to get it.

Oh, before I forget...I felt pretty darn fabulous this morning. Didn't feel as "heavy" if that makes sense. Overall mood is elevated and my clients at the salon today were mentioning how much happier I seemed.

Stay tuned....

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