Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The "Good Morning" Project via My Bike

There is a cool breeze in the air...who am I kidding...there is a hot, humid thickness in the air, but when you are riding a bike at least the air moves around you.

I left the house with a few goals this morning.
1. Not flash my boobs at anyone undeserving
2. Stay on the road/path and not under a bus
3. Tell everyone I pass "Good Morning"

Goal #1 - Not flash my boobs at anyone undeserving - FAILED
These puppies just don't know how to stay put. If it wasn't so hot out, I would be wearing a turtleneck.

Goal #2 - Stay on the road/path and not under a bus - SUCCESS
However a recent storm downed a lot of trees over the path that I was riding. It was fun because I got to go off roading a bit. The lawn maintenance workers would stare at me. It was either because they thought I was going to keep running into these trees OR because Goal #1 was a failure.

Goal #3 - Tell everyone I pass "Good Morning"
Thank you to the happy people who replied back with a smile and a good morning as well. To all of you who just looked at me like I was crazy (well not everyone knows that is is not like I wear my crazy on my forehead) I still hope you have a great magnificent wonderful amazing morning...even if you don't want to accept it. So there! Ha ha! (I never claimed to be mature)

5 miles down this morning. Not bad considering the constant dodging of small children and buses.

Make today wonderful...and have a "GOOD MORNING"

Wish me a good one of the happy people. You can leave it in the comments below or send me a message. Would love to chat.

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