Monday, August 31, 2015

Krav Maga...Mr. Magoo's Sister?

Ok so listen up....I'm in love....and my husband doesn't even care smile emoticon

I heart Krav Maga!!
I just got done with a class and OH. MY. GOSH! How amazing and empowering.
I don't even mind the bruises. Hahaha

Bruises make me sexier. (Like that is even possible, Ha)

What is Krav it the sister to Mister Magoo?
No, silly. It's a self defense technique that takes all the fluff out and really shows you how to defend yourself from attackers.
I'm sure I will be in pain tomorrow, but for now I am enjoying the sweet success of my puddle of sweat...oh and the fact I am learning to unarm an attacker with a gun.
Think this could come in handy?

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