Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Week of Epsom Salt Baths - Results

I totally keep hearing about this Epsom Salt Bath thing.

You know when you think of something, then it goes away. But, then you hear about it three more times from random places and people.

I had heard and read that these baths would help with my aches and insomnia.
I am always looking for a non-drug way to help with my achy legs, carpal tunnel pain and inability to sleep.

That is how I came about trying Epsom Salt Baths.

Before this, the only salt I really cared about was the salt around the rim of my margarita glass.

Now for the results...

DAY 1 - Lavendar Epsom Salt
I soaked for about 15 minutes. Could have made it longer, but I have a hard time sitting still and my magazine was getting to wet.

I slept alright. Didn't see much of a difference.
As for pain, I woke up less stiff but the same pain returned within an hour of being awake.

DAY 2 - Lavendar Epsom Salt
I soaked for about 15 minutes. My inability to sit still reared it's beautiful head. Was relaxed but not overly sleepy like last time.

I slept great. I noticed a bigger difference of not being as stiff.

DAY 3 - Nothing because I am lame and forgot
Ended up binge watching Covert Affairs on Amazon Firestick.

I slept horrible. Legs felt the same (better like day before) but arm and hand were in a lot of pain.

DAY 4 - Lavendar Epsom Salt
I s

I slept alright. Did

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