Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Evil Black Cat, Bicycle, and the Pavement

Well good afternoon boys and girls. Let me tell you a story about an evil black cat, a bicycle and the pavement. And no this is not a love story....

But first, let me set up the story...

It was an overcast, muggy kind of day where sunglasses were optional. I grabbed the bike and decided that even though I had soreness from kickboxing the night before, a good bike ride would do wonders to stretch out the tight muscles.

About 4 miles in, heading back towards the house I encountered a black cat that could have easily been a bobcat. This sucker was huge. It was downing the twinkies if ya know what I mean. Or maybe it was like us, and has a undiagnosed Thyroid problem....he should read my blog.

I was thinking that the cat laying in the middle of the sidewalk (was riding down a greenbelt in a neighborhood) would move when it realized it would be run over by my bike. But instead it decided to taunt me and stay it's ground.

Well, I am on a mountain bike. I'm sure going around the cat and onto the grass was something I could handle. WRONG.

That jerk of a cat just looked at me as I went over. Now, why couldn't I fall towards the grass? I will tell you why...because I am an overachiever in all that I do, and I wanted to fall towards the concrete...apparently.

Luckily God saw to protect me from banging my head, but he sure did decide some road rash and bumps the size of eggs would be my condolence prize. Oh and the bike not being able to be ridden back was my God given time to think about things....EVERYTHING.

Here is the super sad part of this story I was crying...yes crying...because it hurt gosh darn it....and walking my bike back to the house for a mile and a half....not a SINGLE PERSON - NOT ONE - asked if I was alright.

NO, I don't need pitty. But I really was saddened by the fact that from the multitude of people who could obviously see I was injured and walking a loud clicking bike all the way one asked if I was alright.

WHAT IS SOCIETY COMING TO? I am deeply saddened by this.

Now I am off to go take some ibuprofen and go to sleep, because now the adrenaline has worn off ...I'm a wee bit sore. Oh wait....have to do that AFTER the blood work this afternoon. Can you have a shot of whiskey before giving blood?

P.S. When "This is my fight song" comes on after something like doesn't help.

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