Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thyroid and the Thermometer

So I am totally not a Doctor, but I do know when something is up with my body. Most of us do. We are sometimes the best person to know what is wrong with ourselves. Now finding a Doctor who agrees with that is a toughy.

Since the hysterectomy last year I have gained a substantial amount of weight. Now in my defense, I work out 5-6 times a week for an hour each time. I also monitor my nutrition and water intake. I should be, like, so so skinny. Hahaha

This 18 pounds must really love me, because IT WILL NOT GO AWAY. It is like that annoying fly that won't leave you alone, except this fly makes my jeans tight. Well really, my clothing size hasn't changed much, I am just a more dense version of myself...and I don't mean my brain. haha, get it? Well I thought it was funny.

So a family member of mine has had the same issues lately and told me about this thermometer thyroid test she heard of from her doctor.

You take a thermometer and put it under your armpit first thing in the morning, even before you get out of bed. You do this for a few mornings and get your average temperature.

If your temperature is below a certain temp than your thyroid may be slow.

I did this for the last week. The dog kept looking at me weird. I guess because the dog only knows of one place the thermometer should go. haha. I aint goin there.

My average temp was 95.7ยบ. After my googling endeavors, I discovered that mine was in the very low range and was a good indicator of a slow thyroid. Hypothyroid to be exact.

The symptoms of achy legs, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, weight gain are all the same symptoms as a Thyroid issue.

Again, I am no doctor. So take what I say at your own will.

I have an appointment with a new General Pract Doc this afternoon. Will see what she says. Hopefully she doesn't look at me crazy with my thermometer theory.

Wish me luck......

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