Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cruises Of The Past And Tips For The Future

The husband and I get out of kickboxing class and celebrate our sweaty success by doing what every other health conscious person does.....go get frozen yogurt....HEY, sometimes you just GOTTA.

As we sit out under the stars enjoying our cold bowls of sugar, we start talking about our upcoming cruise for our one year anniversary. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by.

We start talking about how life sucks so much (insert total sarcasm) because we get to be on a cruise boat in a week. Oh, poor us. (I'm done rubbing it in). And then our conversation reminds me about how we make the most of our cruise experience...being as frugal as we are...and I figured you might like to know some of our tips.

Alcoholic beverages on a cruise ship are redonkulously priced! Plus add the 15% gratuity and all you have is a brightly colored slushy that you don't even get to keep the glass...well some of them but I digress.

Carnival cruise lines allows you to each bring 1 bottle of regular sized wine in your carry on and a 12 pack of soda or water per person. DON'T DO WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR - DO NOT TRY TO CARRY ALL OF THAT IN A BACKPACK. Unless you are the Hulk.

Take a NEW white bottle of prewash mouthwash (the big one) - when taking the cap off, twist so the plastic seal does not break and empty it at home. Rinse and repeat. Put your dark liquor in this bottle. Replace with cap that still has the seal on it.  Place bottle full of liquor in a gallon ziplock with a tube of toothpaste, floss and a tooth brush and have one person check this.

Take a regular mouthwash bottle (big one) and open in the same way. We empty the contents into a Gatorade bottle so we don't waste the money. Rinse this bottle quite a few times until the mint is gone. Fill bottle with your clear liquor and use food coloring to color the same color as the mouthwash was. Again, replace the cap with the seal in tact. Repeat with the ziplock, toothpaste, floss and tooth brush. Put this in the other persons bag.

Carnival has free cranberry juice and lemonade. Plus you have the soda that you brought on the boat. There are your mixers...and there is plenty of ice in the ice machines.

We always bring quite a few reusable water bottles with good lids. One for water and one for mixed drinks...per person. Make sure the mouth is wide enough to put under the ice maker otherwise you will have to struggle each time.

Here is a funny to leave you with....
We are driving home from our cheating of fro yo and we are talking about how it is so great to drink wine and watch the movies on the boat under the stars on the big screen by the pool.

The husband looks over at me, all serious, and says "Wish we would of had the big double bottles, the regular ones don't do anything." **I smack my forehead. :)

Stay tuned for more ways to save money while on vacation....

P.S. We are not alcoholics...we just want to be covered in case of an emergency :) Drink responsibly. Don't drive the boat....and your pants go on your butt, not your head.

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