Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You Are Never To Old To Climb Into A Box

11062926_677850882360894_3672889488817179375_nDing dong. The door bell rings and two huge boxes are delivered to the house.
Is it bad that my excitement was over the boxes and not the contents?
My parents always said that as a child I had more interest in the box than what was inside. I remember taking a big refrigerator box and decorating it with those stickers that came in the Publishers Clearing House Magazine order forms. I would lick them and then stick them as wall paper. See, I was even an interior decorator at the young age of 5. 
Make sure to keep that childish zest for life. There are times we wish we could be a kid again. And then there are times that it is perfectly acceptable to act like a kid....that would be most of my adult life. :)

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