Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Feelin Like A Badass

I want to share something that happened the other day.
I went to get a massage with the same masseuse that I always go to... super cool guy who knows his stuff (I say this because I want you to know how much I trust his opinion hahaha...and you should toooooo), kept complimenting me about how much more muscle tone I had. 
We joke because he knows how I have been doing these workout programs at home. I told him the next time he sees me, I just may be turning green and he actually got it....do you get it? I am turning into the Hulk. Well not really but what girl doesn't want to hear her hard work is paying off.22129_681932018619447_5373726753021382469_n
Who knew a girl could be so happy hearing that her shoulders were more defined haha
Good things happen.

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