Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Unfair Estrogen Article

So I'm sitting in the nice hot bath water, doing what every woman does in the bath when they relax...

(Not A Picture Of Me)

Reading a fitness magazine. OXYGEN to be exact (my total favorite because it doesn't cater to only looking pretty in high priced gear, but actually has good advice for real women) (Plus the pages don't rip as easy when I get them wet)

Isn't that what you do when you relax?

But back to the problem...

I had a partial hysterectomy about a year and a half ago. That sucker is G.O.N.E. In general, I love that I get to be a free woman without all the monthly games our body plays on us. But unfortunately, not having Bertha (the Uterus) anymore opens me up to a host of other problems.

Would I go back to Bertha? NEVER, we are broken up forever! I don't care how many text messages she send to me trying to get back together. :)

So back to this magazine...and what many other publications I have found...

I'm reading an article about Estrogen and the effects on the body weight. I have personally gained about 18 pounds in the last year but no fault of my own. No honestly, I work out and eat right.

This article says, "But don't worry - active women can take control and aim to achieve healthy and balanced Estrogen levels simply by making certain choices that fit right in with the Oxygen lifestyle, including exercising, keeping a healthy level of body fat, avoiding environmental risk factors as well as eating a clean diet."

I don't get angry very often, but my defenses were up when I read this.

I get to choose to keep a healthy level of body fat??? WOW! BLOW ME OVER! because I guess I chose wrong on that day in gym class back in high school when they asked me what body fat number I wanted to keep for the rest of my life. DANG IT. I knew I should have studies for that test.

And the defense files into the court room - "Your honor, our client exercises 4-6 times a week and monitors her nutrition and as a side bonus, she absolutely swears that she gets her water consumption every day"

Ok, back to the real problem.

I spent hours googling weight gain and hysterectomy together. And I was in tears reading all the posts from women just like me.

YES, we have control over certain aspects of our health. And excuses are not going to get us to our goals. But for those of us who DON'T GET TO CHOOSE our body fat %......reading articles like this one, just make it even harder to accept where we currently are.

Gotta to go have my know, I gotta go CHOOSE my body fat %.

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