Saturday, August 29, 2015

When Your Thighs Get Hungry

Lessons learned during a recent run...

-Bring water
-Don't wear shorts if your thighs like to eat them
-Random Christmas music isn't so bad if Jimmy Buffet is singing it
-Hot outside means hot
-Be a kid and walk in the grass
-Being past your excuses can be kinda magical

A little more about the last... I've been battling carpal tunnel (surgery this year) for the last few years and now I'm going through knee pain that I am waiting to start the gel injections for.

For both issues I cannot make them worse, I am not injured, but I can be in severe pain.

But you know what... I'm STRONGER than my pain!

This is the first year in 4 years that I have not been training to run the Las Vegas half marathon. After throwing myself a little pity party about not having those goals like I have had in the last few years, I made a CHOICE.

I put my big girl running panties on(I imagine they would be made out of pink glitter) and I ran a little bit during my walk.

IT DID NOT KILL ME. Happy to say I'm proud of myself.

Sometimes you have to feel a bit uncomfortable to reach your goals.
Let's get uncomfortable together....

Wait, hmmmmm, that sounds a bit wrong. Hehe. You know what I mean.

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