Thursday, August 27, 2015

Running On The Face Of The Sun

Did you know it's hot in Arizona?
Just checking.
I do not know why on earth I have decided to start running again in the middle of the Summer.
Today I was smart and brought some water... Oh how I despise carrying anything when I'm running.
I have this mental picture that I am going to trip and fall and not be able to catch myself before my face meets the pavement. I am kind of clumsy. Okay fine I'm really clumsy. But I digress...
It felt so amazing to be running again. Even though it was hotter than the face of the Sun, it felt really good to sweat from working hard.
(I was sweating so much, that when I walked across my tile floor barefoot, I was sliding)
I had visions of coming home to a nice cold shower to remember that we do not have cold water this time of year.
I will settle for laying on the tile until my legs decide to work again. Maybe next week? Will they deliver pizza down here?
Or better yet anyone have a pool I can jump into?

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